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Resolution Regarding the Purpose and Objectives for indiCo LLC

Whereas, indiCo LLC (“indiCo”) was established to reflect the National Association of College Stores’ (“NACS”) commitment to institutionally owned and operated college stores (“Independent Institutional Stores”), a substantial and important NACS member constituency; and

NACS desires that Independent Institutional Stores remain a competitive, viable, and vital component to helping institutions fulfill their academic mission; and

Independent Institutional Stores desire a reliable, responsive, and financially secure business infrastructure from which to draw support, solutions, and leadership; and

indiCo was established to fulfill a mission on behalf of NACS to re-invest in and support the infrastructure of the Independent Institutional Store industry; and

The funding needed to operate indiCo may be considered one part of NACS’ commitment and re-investment into Independent Institutional Stores.

Therefore, the indiCo Board resolves that:

The purpose of indiCo is to support the business infrastructure of Independent Institutional Stores to facilitate Independent Institutional Stores remaining competitive, viable, and vital to their respective institutions; and

indiCo is not a membership organization; it is a service company focused on providing services that facilitate business opportunities for Independent Institutional Stores; and

indiCo will work collaboratively with NACS and other organizations that serve Independent Institutional Stores to maximize the efficient use of resources and seek to provide the greatest, positive impact for these stores; and

indiCo will be evaluated on the basis of the services, solutions, counsel, and leadership it provides to Independent Institutional Stores, on behalf of NACS, and not upon profitability; and

indiCo will establish revenue generating activities when feasible and in alignment with its purpose.

Adopted May 20, 2015 by the indiCo Board of Directors
Ratified June 5, 2015 by the NACS Board of Trustees