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Your institution’s bookstore is vital to your campus in many ways

While your goals for the store include providing affordable course materials and resources to help students achieve academic excellence, profitability is also an important measure of success. 

With indiCo’s retail consulting, you’ll get a clear understanding of the critical performance metrics, including gross margins, turns, sales per square foot and turns that impact profitability. indiCo’s services help you understand your store’s financial strengths and weaknesses – and provide you with important benchmarks for similar-sized stores across the country to help you chart a course toward improvement.

  • Analysis of sales, by department
  • Calculations of gross margins, turns and expense ratios
  • Analysis of inventory costs
  • Personnel and salary expense
  • Review of organizational structure 

Equally important, indiCo will guide your participation in its Financial Survey, an industry-leading survey of stores across the country that reports on college store average sales, turns, margins and other key performance metrics. This is important because, through yearly participation, you’ll stay on top of your store’s performance, and monitor your financial well-being on a regular basis. You’ll also receive a free copy of this valuable annual report, which will allow you to benchmark your progress against stores similar to yours in size and scope to identify areas of strength and weakness.

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Jason Lorgan of UC Davis Stores keeps a sharp eye on inventory, margins and turns for optimal profitability.

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