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Real Insights into Students’ Attitudes toward Course Materials

The Student Watch Survey is the best source of up-to-date and pertinent information about when, how and why students acquire their course materials. Conducted twice yearly, this “required reading” for any Store Director or textbook buyer explores course material trends, tracks textbook spending, and analyzes students' attitudes toward the college store.

This fact-packed analysis contains:

  • Acquisition behaviors including where, when, how, and what course materials are being obtained
  • Leading and preferred sources for course materials purchases and rentals
  • End-of-term behaviors including where and why students sold and reasons for keeping course materials
  • Faculty impact on student use of course materials and overall perceived value
  • Role and value of the campus store
  • Data tables from fall 2015 and spring 2016
Participating in the Student Watch study is easy, and you get real data from your own campus to compare against other stores. Take a look at a few sample questions and charts here, along with all the features and benefits of participating.

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Course Material Preference

Students still prefer printed course material, but digital formats are picking up in sales, particularly bundled with print.

   Print - 31.5%
   Print + digital bundle - 24.4%
   Depends on course - 24.1%
   Digital bundle - 5.5%
   Custom course pack - 5.4%
   Digital - 3.8%
   No preference - 2.3%
Reasons for Not Obtaining Required Course Materials

Contrary to popular belief, price is not the primary reason that students elect not to purchase all their course materials; being deemed unnecessary is the top reason for not purchasing.

51.1% 45.2% 26.5%
Unnecessary 51.1% Price 45.2% Other 26.5%