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Don’t be shy – tell everyone what’s great about your campus store

You know that promoting the value of your campus store is important, but it’s not something that comes up in everyday conversation.

Short videos can be a really effective way to promote your campus store to a wide audience – to students and prospective students, parents, faculty, administrators, and other departments. Videos can be posted on your website, on Facebook, and other social media, shown at school events, and even emailed to your audiences.

Because they’re short, snappy and visual, they can often get your message across more effectively than written communications. And remember – students are a great source of talent in video creation, both in front of and behind the camera.

Here are a few examples of some videos created by innovative store’s effectively sharing their value to the campus through the magic of video . . .

Brigham Young University Bookstore

Students tell the story of how the bookstore gives back to the institution in this professional 30-second spot.

University of Arizona Bookstore

The UA Student Exchange is an interesting retail operation managed exclusively by students that offers students the opportunity to sell back their merchandise at the end of the semester, and regularly offers new and used options on virtually any merchandise that students need for life on campus.

University of Fraser Valley

Cameron Roy, Director of Ancillary Services, captures the myriad benefits of the campus store in a two-minute narration, complemented by visuals of the store’s merchandise and unique features.

CU Boulder Bookstore

This one-minute “conversation” between two students neatly outlines the many benefits of acquiring course materials at the campus store.